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About Us

The World of Cashay.

         Cashay is a small family owned business with a focus of delivering products that will have lasting value or fulfill unique requirements for you and your family. It is owned by the husband and wife team of Mike and Nadia Goodwin.

         Nadia is a designer who creates custom clothing for women and her clientele are scattered throughout the country. She is an expert seamstress as well and is very much in demand because of her ability to create perfect fitting clothing for women who want both quality and comfort. Her work has been on the red carpet at Emmy Award shows and in many other venues around the country. All of the ballroom dance costumes on the website are custom created by her and if you haven’t seen them we recommend you take a few moments just to view some of them. She has created costumes for many professional dancers to include World Champions. Nadia has even been hired by a major cosmetic firm for their big show where models and costumes are coming from different parts of the world. Naturally, the problems can be dramatic, especially with all of this happening the week of the event. It is even quite often that new designers are coming to her to get help in creating the samples of their clothing visions as they aspire to get noticed in the fashion world.

          Mike is originally a strategic planner who has traveled around the world and understands the big picture. He often looks at a product entirely differently because he not only sees what is there, but what is missing and what changes are necessary to make it a much better product. Often this work involves lots of analysis but it also involves a lot of imagination. Afterall, it is fairly easy to see what is wrong with something that is in front of you, but seeing what is wrong because it isn’t there can be a much more difficult task.

          Together, they are creating great products that will have a lasting impact. For example, their Addison Diaper Bag is a fantastic backpack that parents will enjoy long after the baby needs a quality diaper bag. And their Jesse Diaper Bag will have endless uses for women after the baby to go to the gym, or yoga practice or so other many possible uses. Fortunately they work well together and hope you will enjoy their products as much as they enjoy bringing them to you!


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