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Angel Wing Backpacks for Parents and Children

         Cashay Baby is proud to introduce their latest addition to their growing line of diaper bags, carriers and other products.  The Little Angel Safety Harness and Backpack as well as Cherub, the adult backpack that is also a diaper bag.   Let’s face it, they’re cute together and lots of parents will embrace that feeling when using them.  In fact, using them together makes a statement that says “We’re fun and enjoy sharing this feeling.”  This also means they won’t be for everybody and we get that.  So, for the fun parents who are playful and relaxed the Angel wing backpacks will be a great fit.

Little Angel Safety Harness and Backpack

          The Little Angel Safety Harness and Backpack was designed to let a younger child carry something with them just like the big folks while simultaneously providing parents with a system with some additional safety features.  The backpack uses typical straps that slip over the arms but also includes a chest strap to keep the system on the child.  This is important because Little Angel was designed to be a safety harness.  So, parents can provide their child some freedom of movement but still have the child tethered to them by a safety strap connected to the backpack.  Once the chest strap is secured, the backpack is not going to slip off so the parent has a secure connection to the child.  This can be very useful in a situation where there are lots of people around although it is still optional since the strap does not need to be attached.  And even when not used, the system has a quick grab handle at the top of the backpack to secure the child from any possible concern that might exist in their vicinity.

         Little Angel Safety Harness and Backpack also has plenty of room inside the zippered backpack for the child to keep some snacks, a favorite toy or perhaps some clothing.  Plus there is a large outside pocket that is between the wings where something can be reached quickly from either side of the backpack.

Cherub Angel Wing Diaper Bag Backpack

The parent’s version of the angel wing backpack is multi-functional and has many premium features.


Cherub Angel Wing Backpack Diaper Bag Features

  • A detachable water-proof cushioned diaper changing mat is literally built into the backpack on the back side. Just unzip the sides and you’re ready for a quick diaper change.  You can even keep spare diapers inside the large mesh pocket that is exposed once you unfold the changing mat so you may not even have to open the bag.  The changing mat provides an extra level of comfort to the backpack since it is nicely padded and covers the whole back side of the backpack.  Coupled with the padded backpack straps, this makes Cherub really easy to carry.
  • A wet tissue holder is located on the side of the diaper bag to help make things easier. Just unzip the opening and you’re ready for all those accidents or messy feeding times.
  • The diaper bag backpack comes with a separate multi-purpose insulated pouch as well as an insulated pocket on the other side of the backpack.
  • There is even a separate bag for wet diapers or to keep used clothing.
  • Cherub Angel Wing Diaper Bag Backpack can be carried in 3 different ways. As a backpack using the straps on the back, or the tote handle located at the top.  A separate shoulder strap is also provided and sometimes it is very convenient to have access to the diaper bag where both hands can be used to access needed things kept inside.  And although we didn’t really design it to be carried on the stroller, you can use the Velcro comfort grip on the top handle to wrap around the stroller crossbar.
  • Inside the backpack there are three snug fit bottle pockets and one larger pocket to help organize what is being carried. There is also a small zippered pocket near the top to keep things such as keys, a wallet or some cash / cards.  Plus, there is much more open space inside the diaper bag for other essential or needed items.

Both Items Make a Great Gift

         When thinking of a gift for a baby shower, expectant mother, young toddler or any other occasion, the angel wing backpacks are a great idea.  Both products are boxed individually and show many of their features right on the box.  Since these products are new, it also means the owners will have less confusion when needing to grab the right bag at the daycare.  They are fun and playful designs that many people will appreciate.  And the safety feature of being able to use the quick grab handle on Little Angel to keep a child from an area where caution is needed is just a great feature to have available.  You can find these products on Amazon and they are even available with Prime so free shipping is available.

logo        Cashay Baby offers excellent customer service and even has a VIP club for those wishing to participate that offers additional benefits like extended warranties, contests and sales.  The company’s goal is to create interesting and functional products that people will enjoy.  If you haven’t seen it, check out some of their other great products like:

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