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Jesse – Fashion and Diaper Bag Come Together

Diaper Bags can often be quite boring and that is the reason Cashay decided to create a diaper bag that was designed to be fashionable from the start. The Designer, Nadia Goodwin, wanted to create something that was much more than just a diaper bag. Her goal was to create a fashion tote that women would love to take to the gym or yoga class or even more fashioned conscious places such as ballroom dancing. On the surface, that seemed like a tall order, but we think you’ll find Jesse to be so much more than just a diaper bag!

An Awesome Diaper Bag

Jesse has so many features that are useful as a diaper bag that I’ll try to go through a few of them.

  • First, it is big and for some ladies that is likely to be a distraction, but for many Moms trying to take everything with them that they need or may need, having space to take it all is a real benefit. And naturally, the exterior is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about a little spoiling everything inside.
  • Jesse has some super pockets outside the diaper bag to work with. Of course, it has a tissue/moist towelette pocket that is so convenient and located on one side. The opposite side has a similar size pocket to keep things as well, but the star feature is the 4 huge pockets that start just below the handles that can carry so much. After all, some things you just want to grab quickly not have to search through all the interior. And with these pockets, you should have plenty of room to place things you are likely to need more often or want to reach quickly.
  • Interior Pockets are also very beneficial. There are 4 Elastic pockets that are foil insulated. Yes, that is 4 such pockets! Which means you can have 4 bottles being kept warm or cool and have them organized and ready to go when you need them. There is even a mesh pocket to place additional items that you want to find inside the diaper bag.
  • So Many Ways to Carry. Jesse has soft tote handles that will stay on your shoulder if you wish to carry it that way, or naturally just use them as handles. Plus, Jesse comes with a separate shoulder strap which can be very convenient in many situations. Finally, Jesse also comes with stroller straps that connect to the D rings on the side of the diaper bag and to your stroller. These 4 ways to connect with Jesse makes the diaper bag very convenient.
  • A Few Extras. There are some additional items that come with Jesse and we have named several, those being the stroller straps and the shoulder strap. But it also comes with a waterproof changing mat. And there is even a nice size separate insulated pouch which is probably going to have Mom’s bottle of water inside or favorite drink. Finally, there is also a dirty diaper / clothing bag that is included.

Beyond Diapers

Women who have looked at Jesse understand how beneficial the system can be for other activities. Take the gym as an example. Few women want to put smelly or sweaty shoes and store them inside a compartment with their clothing. And the typical response I hear is how useful those 4 large pockets located outside the bag will be. Shoes can be put there and the problem is solved!

After that, many of the features already mentioned for Jesse as a diaper bag will be appreciated for the other activities in life such as the insulated bottle holders; the large interior space; even the tissue holder will often come in handy. Even the dirty laundry bag is a nice feature when going to the gym or travelling. Jesse has plenty of features that will benefit most women for their everyday life and it looks great. The purple color is modern and the blue-gray color is fun with the yellow tote handles and emblem.

You can find Jesse on Amazon or at where you can buy it directly.

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