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The Ultimate Diaper Bag Backpack for Moms and Dads by a Designer

          While no diaper bag will fit everybody’s needs, there is one that offers a lot of features that make it great for use not only during the period it will be needed as a diaper bag, but later when it can be used for work, sport, travel or exercise.  Addison is a new product created for the Husband and Wife team of Mike and Nadia Goodwin under their brand, Cashay Baby.  The diaper bag was designed with premium features and one of the first things people say when holding it is how they can feel the quality.

       Nadia is a designer and is most often found creating ballroom dance costumes.  You can see her designs at  She has a strong following in the dance world because ladies that see her costumes know there is something different about them.  And one she has used this same perspective in finalizing the details for the Addison diaper bag backpack.  Some examples of these details are listed below.

The fabric is designed to be waterproof so that your personal items will stay dry inside.

There are 3 ways in which the backpack can be carried. The first being the shoulder straps and the second is the smooth and study tote handles at the top of the bag. Finally, snap buckles on the shoulder straps make it easy to attach to a stroller which then provides a convenient means to grab all those things that are essential when being out with a baby.

Naturally a large pocket near the top with a hook and loop fastener provides a location to grab something quickly as does the 2 pockets on the side of backpack. And a zippered pouch allows things to be placed with more security but still accessed easily. For example, 2 insulated pockets are located here with an additional set of hook and loop rings to secure another bottle

Inside the backpack you’ll find elasticized mesh pockets and another zippered pocket to secure items. Plus, all the additional storage available outside of the pocketed areas.

         These features make the Addison Diaper Bag Backpack very handy for everyday use as well.  And most parents will enjoy using the backpack after the baby period for their everyday activities.  It just looks great and is very functional.

         Addison also comes with a waterproof diaper changing mat, a multi-purpose insulated zippered pouch and a wet diaper bag which will come in handy for visits to the gym or when travelling to keep dirty or wet clothing.

         There are other features that the diaper bag backpack has as well.  Like the padded shoulder straps or the breathable padded back panel that makes Addison easy to wear.  Even the inside of the bag was designed to have an easy wipe interior.

addison1          A lot of the diaper bag backpacks on the market come in a plastic bag of some sort with little explanation of their features and benefits.  But Addison comes in a great box that displays many of its features.  The reason is that it is quite common for people to give expected parents a baby shower gift and Addison is a very thoughtful gift that allows the recipient to quickly grasp what a great gift has been given to them.  Thus, the receiver will know and be able to appreciate just how thoughtful the giver was in giving it.

         Finally, we have found the Addison diaper bag backpack is enjoyed equally by Moms and Dads.  The available colors are a blue and purple and tend to be neutral enough that everyone is comfortable wearing it.  This isn’t often the case as men and women usually have different preferences for such things.  But it was one of the reasons that a design was selected that was tended to be more gender neutral.

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