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A Zika solution for your baby when Outdoors

          Cashay Baby has come up with a very innovative solution to the problem of parents having their babies outside while at the beach or a picnic or any gathering.  And the problem with mosquitoes is that babies are defenseless against their onslaught.  To solve this problem, the company has created a 3 in 1 diaper bag that is designed with a mosquito net as an integral part of the system.  In its normal configuration, the Baby Pod Diaper Bag is folded and appears to be a diaper with two large pockets on the outside.  It comes with a shoulder strap and can hold lots of different items.

baby-pod-image-2          But when it is time to change a wet diaper the Baby Pod opens into a large changing mat that completely holds the baby so it is done in a safe way. And getting to this stage is a very quick and easy step to accomplish making a changing mat both convenient and always accessible.   The changing mat is waterproof as is the fabric used on the outside of the diaper bag.

          The Baby Pod is also a portable bassinet that has a soft center arch as well as a toy that hangs from the center to entertain the baby in the bassinet mode, the sides of the bag are zippered close and the baby is in a protected area.  The toy can be changed out with any other toy that the parents find amusing or preferred by their baby.   This portable bassinet setup can be very convenient for so many situations such as when travelling or at a location that does not have a crib or normal bassinet.  In this situation, there are also 4 large pockets, 2 on each side of the Baby Pod that can contain food, drinks and other essential.  In fact, one of the large pockets is completely insulated and can contain food as well as several bottles.

          But the problem in the bassinet mode is how to protect the baby from mosquitoes and other insects that might be nearby.  Zika virus, the latest mosquito-borne virus to hit the United States, joins a long list of other infections the insects can carry, like malariadengue feverchikungunya and West Nile. Parents not only have a right, but a real reason to be concerned about these risks and it isn’t only in Florida that the concern exists.  Just recently the first case of Zika in Texas was discovered and almost at the same time a lady in southern California suffered severe paralysis from a mosquito bite that left her with West Nile Disease.

baby-pod-image-4          Cashay Baby is proud to offer parents and expected parents a great solution when having a baby outdoors in a stationary location.  The Baby Pod has a built-in Mosquito net.  The netting was designed to fit completely around the Baby Pod and attached with hook and loop fasteners underneath the Pod when in the bassinet configuration.  It comes with additional supports to provide a protected area that the baby can enjoy and so the parents can relax while knowing their baby is safe inside the netted area.

          The baby pod is a complete system that comes with a shoulder strap as well as stroller clips so the user can carry it or use it as a stroller bag depending on what is convenient for the user.  And not only does it have the four large pockets in which to place items, but it also has two mesh pockets under the bottom so that the netting and center arch and toy can be conveniently stored.

baby-pod-image-5          Knowing what to get someone who is going to have a baby can be a challenging question.  But Baby Pod is a great gift that comes in a box that shows many of the features that the 3 in 1 diaper bag offers.  It is hard to imagine someone not appreciating the thoughtfulness of giving the Baby Pod.  With it multi-functional use and protection built into the system, diaper bag has so much benefits for the user.

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